New AFmobile® Features Bring Even More Simplicity to FSA and HRA Customers

An enhanced dashboard view and optional push notifications for claims updates are just a few of the features of the new AFmobile® for iOS and Android. In an effort to simplify the claims and account management experience for Flexible Spending … Continue reading

In Her Own Words: Accident Only Insurance

“When I started teaching three years ago, I knew nothing about accident insurance policies. I never thought I would need anything like that. Little did I know that having two boys under the age of four would result in multiple … Continue reading

Enrollments: Are Employees Prepared?

Your benefits enrollment may be just around the corner, and it’s a time for employees to learn more about the options offered through your benefit program. There are typically three times when they can make health and welfare benefit selections. … Continue reading

Critical Illness Insurance Product Spotlight

If Limited Benefit Group Critical Illness Insurance hasn’t been on your radar this year, make sure your employees understand the importance of this product. Over the past few months, several publications have written about the importance of such a plan. … Continue reading